Tottenham Vs Stoke City: An Unexpectedly Necessary Early Season Evaluation. First Half

John Crace of ESPNFC recently wrote a piece titled “Struggling Spurs are a mess with no direction under Pochettino” (read it @ and title I have to say tells it all. I am a Spurs supporter and I have to say that I did not find it inaccurate or bitter. I unfortunately found it pretty truthful and it voiced a lot that Spurs supporters were feeling but may have had trouble voicing. It also meant that the game this weekend against Stoke had now taken on a new level of importance, it would become one of those games you judge the season against and only in the matter of a few days.

Fast forward. Tottenham is already down 0-1 to an early Bojan strike. (I swear this was the first time I’ve seen Bojan actually play for Stoke and he effin scores?!?!) It was a goal that truly was a metaphor for the Spurs’ season, Bojan intercepted a pass about 10 yards in front of half and ran with the ball towards the arc at the top of the box. Nobody closed down. Fazio and Kaboul were backing up trying to be in the way of the inevitable attempt on goal but trying to stay out of each others way. Fail.


Now its talk of this young Spurs team. I have yet to form feelings on this statement. Is it an excuse? Absolutely. Back to this game. Kane missed an open but difficult diving header just before the goal and Mason has looked promising. Chadli did well once but is yet to appear again. Why? Reason unknown!

The only other positive from this game is the dream that since Jurgen Klinssman is attending the game and looked absolutely disgusted with Spurs that maybe he will feel a certain calling to come and coach at White Hart Lane. Like I said, a dream.


From bad to worse. Stoke have doubled their lead with a tap in. Danny Rose has shown again that he is one hundred percent useless by letting Djiouf get by and sling across a tap in to Kevin Walters. Lloris wasn’t even close to causing doubt. Perhaps things are worse than Mr. Crace wrote. Its already too late for that 1-1 and I must admit that when I started this I never thought that I would look at that 1-1 and almost wish I’d hoped more for it.

This half has been dreadful and at the 41st minute I think I may call the half early to spare you all.


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